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Reopen DC Committee | Real Estate and Construction

Government Co-Chairperson
Community Co-Chairperson                Community Co-Chairperson
Buwa Binitie                                  Monty Hoffman
Legal Advisor
Xavier Beltran
Public Health Advisor
Dr. John Davies-Cole
Associate Committee Director
Ben Mindes
Committee Coordinator
Andre Eken

Committee Resource Staff
Xavier B. Edwards

Committee Recommendations

Committee Members

  • G. Thomas Borger, Community Member
  • Jaime Contreras, Community Member
  • Austin Flajser, Community Member
  • Stephen Glaude, Community Member
  • Michele Hagans, Community Member
  • Rob Hawkins, Community Member
  • Chico Horton, Community Member
  • Stan Jackson, Community Member
  • Peggy Jeffers, Community Member
  • Stephanie Liotta-Atkinson, Community Member
  • Lisa Mallory, Community Member
  • Kymber Menkiti, Community Member
  • Bob Murphy, Community Member
  • Michael Peters, Community Member
  • John Ritz, Community Member
  • Gregory Rooney, Community Member
  • Joe Sternlieb, Community Member
  • Rosalind Styles, Community Member
  • Aakash Thakkar, Community Member
  • Robert Thorne, Community Member
  • Adam Weers, Community Member


The District has been laser-focused on building affordable housing and expanding commercial and retail development in all 8 wards of Washington DC. Approved and permitted projects continue in the District, but there is concern that the economic effects of COVID-19 could disrupt the production of affordable housing and of real estate write large. Already, the real estate market has seen a freeze in sales, as tenants, owners, and lenders assess the long-term effects of the crisis. At the same time, the District Government’s budget has significant financial gaps, which will make it much more difficult to fund affordable housing at the previous levels, while many residents are facing uncertain incomes and ability to pay rents, whether subsidized or not.


The committee will focus on supporting our ongoing housing, affordable housing, retail, commercial, and neighborhood-level real estate needs, while ensuring safety for workers and residents alike in this new economic and public health environment.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Development
  • Construction Permits & Licenses
  • Multifamily Units
  • Land Use
  • Single-Family Homes
  • Retail Development
  • Neighborhood Design
  • Affordable Housing