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ReOpen DC Committee | Education and Childcare

Government Co-Chairperson
Community Co-Chairperson
Legal Advisor
SarahJane Forman
Public Health Advisor
Dr. Preetha Iyengar
Associate Committee Director
Rich Harrington
Committee Coordinator
Adanna Mbanugo
Committee Resource Staff
Tiffany Gary

Committee Recommendations

Committee Members

  • Katherine Bradley, Community Member
  • Pat Brantley, Community Member
  • Jacquelyn Davis, Community Member
  • Ricarda M. Ganjam, Community Member
  • Sonia Gutierrez, Community Member
  • LaTonya Henderson, Community Member
  • Barry LeNoir, Community Member
  • Patricia McGuire, Community Member
  • Jodi Ovca, Community Member
  • Cathy Reilly, Community Member
  • Victor Reinoso, Community Member
  • Eboni-Rose Thompson, Community Member
  • Nancy Waymack, Community Member
  • Elena Bell, Government Member
  • Elizabeth Davis, Government Member
  • Faith Gibson Hubbard, Government Member
  • Hanseul Kang, Government Member
  • Melissa Kim, Government Member
  • Jonte Lee, Government Member
  • Ronald Mason, Government Member
  • Dr. Ankoor Shah, Government Member



Learning in Washington, DC has been upended by the District's response to COVID-19. Inperson learning has been suspended in DC since March 16, from early childhood education through public libraries and private universities. This period has exposed both opportunities and significant challenges and inequities.


The Committee will work across sectors to recommend strategies to close the digital divide, improve distance learning strategies, re-imagine physical learning environments, evaluate phased entry for summer learning and next school year, as well as identify new tools or resources needed for reopening all aspects of education in Washington, DC. It will consider what components of distance learning from this experience may be worth preserving in the future.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Colleges &Universities
  • Childcare Centers
  • Pre-schools and Day Care Facilities
  • Summer & Overnight Programs
  • Libraries
  • School Sports
  • After-School Activities