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ReOpen DC Committee | Government Operations, Public Safety, and Criminal Justice

Government Co-Chairperson     
Government Co-Chairperson
Community Co-Chairperson   
  Community Co-Chairperson
Legal Advisor
Alana Burnett
Public Health Advisor
Dr. John Davies-Cole
Associate Committee Director
Setareh Yelle
Committee Coordinator
Elizabeth Keeton

Committee Resource Staff
Chan Tei DuRant
Charles Thornton


Committee Recommendations

Committee Members

  • Daniel Ezrow, Community Member
  • Angell Jacobs, Community Member
  • William J. Lightfoot, Community Member
  • Ron Moten, Community Member
  • Aubrey Stephenson, Community Member
  • Jeff Tignor, Community Member
  • Mark Tuohey, Community Member
  • Andrew Washington, Community Member
  • Eydie Whittington, Community Member
  • Quincy Booth, Government Member
  • Chief Robert Contee, Government Member
  • Robert Holman, Government Member
  • Shamiah Kerney, Government Member
  • Chief Judge Robert Morin, Government Member


Modifications to critical District operations occurred almost immediately in responding to COVID-19. Mayor Bowser ordered the District to switch to an unprecedented telework posture -- where beginning March 16th, 60 percent of DC government employees became teleworkers and many critical services became available online only, including the DMV, DCRA, Planning, and Housing. Similarly, the District's unique criminal justice system (both local and federal) worked to efficiently handle criminal justice matters, including filing online police reports, remote papering, releasing misdemeanants with enhanced good time credits, and working with Court-appointed inspectors on best practices for detention facilities facing infectious disease.


The committee will focus on both the challenges and key positive learnings from the District's response to the pandemic, including how to capitalize on fewer in-person engagements in the process to how to sooner identify, how to better train and resource staff working in the DC Jail, and how to make the system more resilient to the shock of a health emergency. The committee will recommend a phased approach to a new normal in government operations with a continued focus on service to DC residents and businesses, but also in efficiency identified in modified pandemic operations.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Government facilities
  • Government workforce
  • Jails
  • Courts
  • Policing
  • Trash Pickup
  • Utilities
  • Fire & Emergency Medical Services
  • Information Technology